Below are the various tales that I have written under the name Madam Kistulot. From the heroic adventures of Silver Girl and her expanded universe to the romantic tales of Rose and many that stand on their own. All of these stories are mature, adult stories with more than a pinch of eroticism - but this doesn't mean they're all smutty trash. Those looking for purely masturbatory delight may find themselves disappointed.

All of these stories have a sapphic slant, so if that for whatever reason isn't to your liking I suggest reading something elsewhere. Choose a category to be taken to the individual story listing with chronological order for stories featuring more than one installment.

In Another Life: Further Adventures of Silver Girl: Further expanding the Complete Adventures of Silver Girl, these stories bring us back to Midas City to see new characters, and new aspects, including a path taken, only to be abandoned.

One Shots

One Shots: These stories are all self contained one offs that do not require any previous reading to enjoy.

Mind Punk: Set in a not-too-distant-future that looms ever closer, these stories explore hackers, megacorps, and the further integration of humanity and technology..

Application of Control: A young woman gets her hands on a smartphone application that can rewrite reality. Of course, she uses it to control other women.

Modern Magic: Set in modern times, these stories explore sorceresses working their magic in a world that doesn't know they exist.

Glimpses of Silver: This series is comprised of side stories, backstories, and other stories set in the continuity of Silver Girl, Electrum, and Nebula. These stories even when set before or amidst those events are full of spoilers.

Silver Girl

The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl: Starting at The Adventures of Silver Girl and ending in Red Moon Rising, these stories detail the heroic misadventures of the argent avenger, Sarah LaSilvas and her attempts to be a heroine as she struggles against mind control, her own desires, and the women that would bend her to their will. Split into seven main arcs, this series is how I made my debut on MC Stories.

Electrum and Nebula

The Complete Adventures of Electrum and Nebula: Set after the adventures of Silver Girl, these two young women find themselves struggling to find what they want in a world deeply affected by the actions of their predecessor. Both struggle with their own expectations for themselves and what they desire from eachother as they rush to meet their lust filled destinies unprepared for the webs ready to envelop them.

marianna's conquests

Marianna's Conquests: Stories about a redheaded woman with a magic touch, a devious mind, and a "take what I want" attitude. Unlike most with such a disposition, Marianna doesn't seem to have any difficulties indulging herself and it doesn't seem as though that will change any time soon.

Romancing Roses

Romancing Roses: Tales of mind control for the sake of love. While some stories may overlap, so far the most important thing that connects them is Rose, and her quest to spread love.

Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction: Stories too short to be listed on their own can be found here. Not lacking intensity, these stories are just much smaller!

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