Question: What does Kistulot mean?

Answer: Kistulot (pronounced Keese-two-lah, or Keese-two-lah-t, depending on my mood) was what an ex used to call me. I forget what language she said it was, but she claimed it meant "bardic angel." I can find no evidence to suggest the accuracy of this claim, or even that Kistulot was ever a word before she attributed it to me. Perhaps it was a misspelling, but given that it has been a word I've used with that meaning for almost ten years, I'm going to say that is exactly what it means. Bardic Angel of course meaning an angel with the gift of storytelling, though hardly a very religious one.

Question: Why "Madam"?

Answer: There are a lot of answers for this. The quickest, is that Madam sounds a lot better to my ears than Madame. Mah-damn is just not complementary. Secondly, ma'am is what most women are called by store employees that don't want to call you miss or miz, or submissives who are attempting to be deferential while not assuming. I really hate how ma'am sounds. Madam is easier to say, and sounds prettier-- stronger. Finally, Mistress felt a bit overused. I respect the usage of the term - and use it plenty in my writing - but I wanted something that would be more mine. I liked the way Madam Kistulot felt. It rolls off the tongue, with a certain amount of class and elegance.

Question: I have this great story idea! Can you write it for me/read my draft/set me up with someone who would?

Answer: Typically this really isn't something that I'm capable of. Usually I have a backlog of stories to write, and fitting in another that I don't have the inspiration or passion for is difficult to impossible... but I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors! I have attempted to take commissions in the past and have found them ill suited, but they've all been for fan works of other's writing. If you would seriously like me to attempt a piece of original fiction based around an aspect of the mind control fetish, then I would be happy to discuss payment or other such possibilities. But otherwise, I just don't have the time to write another's ideas. That being said, if you want to exchange emails, and if we hit it off possibly share a draft for me to give pointers or discuss pros and cons of it... that could be fun! For others of a like mind, the MC Forum or Garden of MC both have writing forums full of people eager and happy to help. If you have Discord, I would heavily recommend you head over to the Mind Control Literature Discord here: https://disc JyafaCD , as there are many writers and readers there who may be happy to give it a look! I do appreciate the compliment seeking me out bestows, but that will get your idea out to a lot more people a lot faster to boot!

Question: Can I host your stories on my site?

Answer: No, but once again, thank you for the compliment! You can link to my stories on MC Stories or Amazon, but there's really no reason for you to reproduce them on any other website. If you catch someone else doing this, please tell me so that I can contact the offending party. Simon has done a great job maintaining the archive, and until such time as it no longer exists there's really no reason to have them anywhere else. if there is, I'd prefer to take care of that personally. Simon is great about removing stories when asked as he did for me earlier this year, is fantastic about posting them on a regular schedule, and all around being just the person I'd want in charge of a site like the EMCSA. At this time, I just don't see the point. It's no insult to you at all! :)

Question: How old were you when you wrote The Adventures of Silver Girl?

Answer: TAoSG was largely written when I was 18, and if you don't say it shows you're lying to be sweet. A notion I appreciate, but you really needn't go out of your way! A new edition is due out in November 2018, written a good thirteen years later!

Question: I've noticed that Decker's "Psyche vs Fractal: Strange Attraction" mentions Silver, but I don't see a "Psyche vs Silver" . . .?

Answer: Although I do hope to work with Decker on said story, it is as of yet just a figment of our combined imaginations. All we know is they shared a kiss. Do you want this collaboration to come to be? Email either of us, we'd love to hear from you! At this time it has been years since anyone I know has heard from Decker, so this seems to be a pipe dream... but I would bring Sarah out of retirement for it in a heartbeat!

Question: Can I write a story in Midas City/Also with a similar mention of Silver Girl/Silver Girl characters?

Answer: Yes. The setting is one I would be happy to see more authors contributing to. It would be exciting to be the co-originator (I didn't think up the name Midas City after all, that was Decker) of a saga spanning so many words with so many writers! However, if you will be including Silver, Dust, or any of the other characters from my writing, and definitely in reference of more than writing from my own stories, then I would greatly prefer if you contacted me so I could read the draft, discuss things, etc. I don't bite. I just want to have some control over my characters and their interactions.

But I really would like to stress that due to past incidents involving misrepresentations of characters/world, the creators/maintainers of the Midasverse would heavily appreciate being shown the final draft of your story before it is submitted. This isn't the sort of thing where we're letigious. Im part, we really just like seeing the world grow! We're not looking to take issue, and will be happy to work with you to maintain your artistic vision and our own. It's just professional courtesy. Just drop me a line, and I'd be happy to chat.

Question: Why did your site go down?

Answer: As is cliche with artistic types, I can have moments of extreme emotional lows. Amidst such a low, I grew tired of being the Madam Kistulot, and didn't see when I would ever write under the moniker again. Thankfully, no one squatted my domain, and thanks to a wonderful donation of webspace, well, it's all back! Additionally, affording a domain and webspace became something a luxury I couldn't afford. With webspace being taken care of for me, and my drive to write back, rebuilding this site was the natural step to take!

Question: Is the Silver Girl universe over?

Answer: For me... yes, and no. As far as more stories in the future of where it currently stands, that is the end of Rust Flaked Sunset, I see no place I would like to take any of the characters. Sarah is in a good place (as seen in me mildly breaking this rule via a crossover collaboration with J Darksong here) and her daughters have reached the end of their mutual journey. But, I said yes, didn't I? There may still be some stories to tell in the past. I would love to share Dust's origin story. Pink's origin story. There are so many stories one could tell about the Nesatealia, or other little corners of the Silver Girl universe... At this time, I've rather burned out on the setting, but I do intend to share some of these stories with you. If this is something you would like to see, fan mail has a way of encouraging me!

Update: The Silververse is obviously back. We have more coming in the form of In Another Life and the additional stories around it. Additionally, The Adventures of Silver Girl was rereleased in November on its 13th anniversary, edited and much more full!

Question: Why didn't you respond to my fanmail...?

Answer: This is never intentional. For the past few years I have made a point of not letting this happen, but I have had a history of missing email. This is nothing personal. If you send me an email now, as long as it doesn't somehow get caught in a spam filter, I will get back to you as soon as I can. This won't always be instantly, but I really do appreciate my fans reaching out to me. I won't let your efforts be ignored!

Question: Will you be writing more now that you're making your comeback?

Answer: That is the hope. While just what the future holds is anyone's guess, I would really love to expand my writing across more sub genres and experiences within the Mind Control Erotica umbrella. Still sapphic, of course, but there are infinite permutations I've yet to explore. I'd love to take you with me for those journeys!

Question: What happened to your stories on MC Stories/the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive?

Answer: Unfortunately, my Patreon by itself has not really been very successful in drawing in enough revenue, and life has only continued to grow more expensive. As a result, I've been moving more of my fiction to where I can get a more direct income from it. I apologize if you are unable to afford these new editions. However, I do assure you that all of them get a new pass over them, with tweaks here and there. Most receive increased wordcounts and all are of improved quality.

Question: Can I ask you a question . . . ?

Answer: Yes! Please do! :)


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