Question: What does Kistulot mean?

Answer: Kistulot (pronounced Kist-oo-lot, or kiss, the sound of a hard 't', you, and lot) was what an ex used to call me. I forget what language she said it was, but she claimed it meant "bardic angel." I can find no evidence to suggest the accuracy of this claim, or even that Kistulot was ever a word before she attributed it to me. Perhaps it was a misspelling, but given that it has been a word I've used with that meaning for almost ten years, I'm going to say that is exactly what it means. Bardic Angel of course meaning an angel with the gift of storytelling, though hardly a very religious one. This is an FAQ I have linked to many who thought the way it sounds like "kissed a lot" was funny. It hasn't been funny to me for nearly 20 years, but no shame if it makes you giggle a little!

Question: Why "Madam"?

Answer: There are a lot of answers for this. The quickest, is that Madam sounds a lot better to my ears than Madame. Mah-damn doesn't feel quite as flattering, at least to me. Secondly, ma'am is what most women are called by store employees that don't want to call you miss or miz, or submissives who are attempting to be deferential while not assuming. I really hate how ma'am sounds. Madam is easier to say, and sounds prettier and more elegant.Finally, Mistress felt a bit overused and presumptuous. I respect the usage of the term - and use it plenty in my writing - but I wanted something that would be more mine. I liked the way Madam Kistulot felt. It rolls off the tongue, with a certain amount of class and elegance.

Question: I have this great story idea! Can you write it for me/read my draft/set me up with someone who would?

Answer: If you'd like to commission me to see an idea? Good news! It's a possibility! At the moment this is accomplished for me via Patreon, and while I have limited slots this may change in the future. Plenty of my currently released stories came from a commission in one way or another, such as Debased, Candy Pink Rosé, and many others. My own ideas have always been a bit too distracting to write someone else's ideas without financial backing, but I can understand if you'd like to see an idea but don't have the money. If that's the case, you should head to the Mind Control Literature Discord. There are many writers there, and discussing ideas with someone might inspire them! Plus, hey, everyone's here to discuss mind control, right? Great place to discuss ideas!

Question: How old were you when you wrote The Adventures of Silver Girl?

Answer: The original draft of TAoSG was written when I was 18. It was a very meaningful story for me and many others, but the meandering nature can at times make that very obvious. The rewrite released in November 2018, 13 years later, was written when I was 31. That's a bit of a difference!

Question: I've noticed that Decker's "Psyche vs Fractal: Strange Attraction" mentions Silver, but I don't see a "Psyche vs Silver" . . .?

Answer: For a very long time I've wanted to work on this story with Decker, but unfortunately I haven't even seen anything from them since late 2006! At this time it seems Decker has moved on from the world of MC Erotica. Decker! If you're reading this in the future? Email me! I would love to write this, or some other story as a collaboration in a heartbeat!

Question: Can I write a story in Midas City/Also with a similar mention of Silver Girl/Silver Girl characters?

Answer: While in the past I simply said 'yes', at this time I would like to discuss this more in depth with anyone who would like to do this. Midas City has become a very large, spanning, important thing to me. The wider world has, too. If you want to throw off a little reference, that's fine, but beyond that point I would like to more deeply discuss this topic. The same goes for any of my stories. Do you want to write fanfiction? Sure. Do you want to write your own spin on my ideas? Sure. Please make it clear in your fanfiction that I am the originator of the things you're playing with, but beyond that? Go nuts! If you want to try similar ideas to mine with your own settings/characters? My ideas came from others' ideas, so you should feel free to explore that, too!

I think culture, and especially literature, are iterative. Iterate on my ideas, please! I'd love to see them! Fellow writers aren't competition. I'd love more stories that resemble my own... just don't plagarise my ideas as your own. :)

Question: Is the Silver Girl universe over?

Answer: Not at all! While it did originally end twice, in 2007 and then in 2014. It didn't stay gone for long, however, as I began to try revitalizing it, and refreshing it, in 2018. I wanted Silver Girl to be books on my shelf, and my financial needs grew. As a result, I decided to revise Silver Girl so it was worthy for publication. Between 2005 and 2018 I grew a lot as a writer. I also wanted to write more in that universe, and the series won't be merely limited to the stories it contained before! For awhile I felt Silver Girl was an old story I did poorly and wished people would be as enthusiastic about my newer works... but since? I've learned why so many enjoyed it, and I've learned to love it all over again myself!

Question: Why didn't you respond to my fanmail...?

Answer: This is never intentional! For the past few years I have made a point of not letting this happen, but I have had a history of missing email and glitcheds and other oddity can occur. This is nothing personal. If you send me an email now, as long as it doesn't somehow get caught in a spam filter, I will get back to you as soon as I can. This won't always be instantly, but I really do appreciate my fans reaching out to me. I won't let your efforts be ignored!

Question: What happened to your stories on MC Stories/the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive?

Answer: Unfortunately, my Patreon by itself has not really been very successful in drawing in enough revenue, and life has only gotten more expensive to break even. This is my full time job these days, between epublishing, and my Patreon. As a result, I've been moving more of my fiction to where I can get a more direct income from it. I have been releasing stories for free, as I greatly prefer to do, but diversifying my income is very important. Adult content, especially kink content, is very fragile. There's a chance Amazon or Smashwords or both could suddenly pull everything, just like there's a chance Patreon could remove my account. As a result, I've needed to remove some older stories as they're rewritten and released to the world in ebook form. I apologize if you are unable to afford these new editions. However, I do assure you that all of them get a new pass over them, some only getting minor tweaks while others receive massive rewrites. All of them are, in one way or another, improved. If you can chip in a few bucks here or there via Patreon, it would be greatly appreciated!

Question: Can I contact you about a business proposal?

Answer: By all means, please do. Please include something in the subject line to make it clear why you're sending the message! Note: I am currently on a commission hiatus. Further details will be listed when available!

Question: Can I ask you a question . . . ?

Answer: Yes! Please do! :)


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