While a writer's works speaks so much about them, it does not say all that there is to say on the subject. This little place is for looking behind the curtain to see the woman weaving the illusions, as well as how to contact me. While I enjoy an air of alluring mystery and firm dominance, I can be a rather down to earth woman, so please, feel free to reach out and drop me a line. Even if I can't get back to you right away, I can promise you i will greatly appreciate the effort.

  • Name: Carin Rhyanna McLeoud
  • Nicknames/Aliases: Rinni, Rin, Madam Kistulot, MK, Kisty, Madam
  • Amazon Author Profile: M. Kistulot
  • Twitter Handle: @MadamKistulot
  • Tumblr Blog: @MadamKistulot
  • Discord: Madam Kistulot#5762
  • Age: 32
  • Birthday: February 19th, 1987
  • Astrological Sign: Pisces
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Occupation: Writer
  • Favorite Color: Silver
  • Favorite Authors: trilby else, Tabico, thrall, EyeofSerpent, Iago, Arclight
  • Favorite Bands: Too many to list, but a few include Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, Alice in Chains, Nightwish, Stone Temple Pilots, and many others.
  • Hobbies: Hypnosis, Writing, Pen and Paper Role Playing Games and the occasional Video Game


To share a little bit more, my identity as the Madam Kistulot is one that I've had for awhile now. When I turned 18, I decided that I needed a new moniker to store my adult identity. The names I took as a child were hardly appropriate for a grown woman. The reasons for the name are in my FAQ. The first place I actively used this name publicly was on DeviantART, though I haven't done much with that site in ages.

The atmosphere was not exactly conductive to literature in general, much less erotic mind control fiction. The Adventures of Silver Girl received a warm, but minimal response. I'd been a long time reader of the EMCSA ( but was wary of posting there at first due to how important the site was to me. I didn't want to post substandard work.

After the rapid responses TAoSG received, I was incredibly encouraged and dove headfirst into writing and exploring the erotic mind control genre. I lost myself in the world of Silver Girl, and the world of her daughters as I indulgently stretched the plot perhaps a bit far.

My earlier writing was almost exclusively in the fantasy genre, something that might be obvious from the way magic is a prevalent force in the Silververse, but since they've continued along as erotic mind control stories, oft mingled with another genre such as comic book super heroics, sci-fi, or in the rare instance, humor.

I don't feel that an erotic story needs to be limited to merely heat, or limited at all. To me, the characters I write are alive, and every plot line unfolds creating a new fun little reality to be explored and recreated in the minds of my readers as you each add a piece of yourself to the narrative. While my stories are erotic, and focused on mind control, I've tried to explore romance, sorrow, and day-to-day life as well to make the erotic elements more powerful. This is not a necessity either, however. Limiting ones self to "deeper" stories has a tendency to blow up just as poorly as attempting something more shallow.


You can send me an email at, and you can also find me on the Discord server that I've created known as Mind Control Literature. If you have any other questions about me, or would like to see additional information listed here, I would be happy to hear from you!

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