January 24th 2023:

Stories: Though the full story isn't for a bit yet, The Domination of Lady Lapis Volume 0 is now officially at the forefront! This new look at the world of Midas City, a more... coastal view, offers us a glance at a city with the sort of high power heroics one might expect. Midas City might have so many heroes, but the scale, and the mood, is inherently very different. While this is merely a glimpse... you can pick up a copy on Smashwords for free, or on Amazon for just 99 cents!

But that's not all! Now available to add to your Smashwords library, or Preorder on Amazon, is the latest (and final for awhile) new addition in the My Girlfriend's Mom is a Hypnotist series! This volume, (And Now We’re Going Out for A Double Date on Valentine’s Day?!) has more of Summer and Emily together as they enjoy the lovely domination of Madison and Jennifer. I'm sure you'll all enjoy, so be sure to give it a look, and for more details check out the series page here!

January 10th 2023:

Happy New Year, everyone! More than a few days late for that to be topical, but with a biweekly update cycle that'll happen time to time!

Updates: Updates from 2022 have been stored away here!

Stories: The new year is upon us, and a new day means new erotic fiction! This week's erotic story is My Girlfriend’s Mom is a Hypnotist (And Now She Wants to Hypnotize My Mom?!) the fourth volume in the My Girlfriend's Mom is a Hypnotist series. This volume expands on the series in fun new ways that I'm sure you'll all enjoy! You can pick up a copy on Smashwords or Amazon!

Due to some kerfuffle with how I scheduled this week's release, and how preorders work on Smashwords, and how you can't set a price for a story to $0 on Amazon unless it's up somewhere else for that? Our next scheduled release, intended for two weeks from now... is instead currently available but only on Smashwords! This release is one that I've been teasing for awhile, and intended/hoped to release much closer to when I first started writing it... back in 2019!

The Domination of Lady Lapis Volume 0 introduces a new city to the Midas City universe, and a new cast of heroines, villains, and those caught between their struggles! This volume is a teaser for what's to come! You can pick up a copy right now on Smashwords for free! It'll be available on Amazon in another couple weeks for 99 cents, and you can preorder it now if that's how you prefer to read your ebooks!


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