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Mind Control Literature Discord: Hosted by myself, the Mind Control Literature Discord, otherwise known as MCL, is a place to meet with other fans of erotic mind control fiction to discuss fiction, media, and otherwise enjoy the company of fellow kinksters! To join, simply combine the following address (remove spaces): https://disc JyafaCD

Story Archives

MC Stories: The Erotic Mind Control Story Archive is home to many of the best mind control stories you'll find online, and all for free. It also has a great layout, and helpful navigation options. While I miss the old shade of green my mind still associates with it, the white design is still very easy on the eyes. If you enjoy any of my work, MC Stories is a site you should immerse yourself in! Before I found MC Stories, this was where I went to get an erotic stories fix. It's actually where I found the first two MC Stories that I ever read. If you're looking for some heat that isn't mind control related, you could be worse off.


Mind Control Authors

EyeofSerpent's Webpage: Eye is a writer that I've looked up to and admired for quite some time. If you've ever heard of Corelle D'amber, or The Ancients, you've heard of her work. Even if you haven't, you've probably read an MC Story somehow influenced by her work - even if you've only read mine! This is a great place to go to see the proper order to read her work, as well as additional information.

thrall (a. regina cantatis)'s blog: thrall was one of the first writers I fell in love with on MC Stories. While many of her stories are no longer on the archive, those can now be found (for a rather reasonable price) on Amazon. View her site for more details on how to get ahold of her writing, in addition to many other posts from the lovely author herself.

Tabico's Secret Files: Tabico needs no introduction if you're on my page. However, you might not yet have found her blogger. If this is the case, check it out now! There's writing there you'll find nowhere else!

Darksong's Den: Another MC Stories writer, and a personal friend, J. Darksong has his own little space in our virtual world here. As another major contributor in the Midas City Universe, you might find something you like here. Warning, there is music on the page if you don't surf with something like noscirpt - so you've been warned!

Ally Brinken: Dark Fantasies and Erotic Hypnosis: Though not just a writer, Ally Brinken still hosts some great fiction on her site and plenty of other things that a twisted little hypnofetishist might find lovely, includiing a little audio file named Brain Milk inspired by Mind Bore!


Mind Control Art

Callidus's Blog: Callidus is one of the most talented artists I have seen in the field of animated manipulations. He's even made full length videos, and worked together with such great creative minds as Tabico! Of course he does amazing stationary work too, but that feels like it goes without saying! You're cheating yourself if you don't check out his work right away and that isn't an exageration.

Sue-Chan's Hypno Site!: Sue-Chan might not take commissions anymore, but she has given so much to the Erotic Mind Control community that if you haven't sought out her work before I'm confident that you've still stumbled across some. She's a very sweet woman, who makes beautiful art.

Rotem Dishon's Deviant Art: While perhaps not as well known, Rotem is a very good artist who has made a large ammount of mind control centric art that really understands how to show that loss of self and thought. He's only gotten better and better with time, and unlike Sue-Chan, he does take commissions. Highly recommended.

Bunny's Hideout: The personal art site of Bunny Lola! If you enjoy her artstyle you should see about grabbing up a commission. It's a very distinct style that you don't quite find anywhere else. Give it a look.

Sleepymaid's Art: Another personal gallery, this time of the incredibly talented Sleepymaid. Her art is notable for having women who a bit more round than you tend to see other artists draw, not giving an overweight look but a less thin one that I tend to enjoy. Oh, did I mention she draws mindlessness incredibly hotly? You should check out her work if you havent before.

Hypnohub: While there is drawn art on the Hypnopics collective, that's what this site is devoted to. While the majority is anime styled, you'll find plenty of wesern images here as well catering to a wide variety of subfetihes via the "booru" image gallery and tag system.

Mind Control Communities

The Garden of MC: When I was much younger and more headstrong I founded this forum, originally the Argent Garden, as an alternative to the MC Forum. Administration doesn't agree with me, so I ended up giving it over to more skillfull hands, and they've continued on without a hitch. A great place to go if you're a fan of mind control stories with reader's picks, places to read and share smaller writing or even stories in progress, contests, and all other manner of things.

The Hypnopics-Collective: Another forum dedicated to erotic mind control, this one a community attached to one of the most long running repository of hypnosis related images. Also well known for roleplay, and a rather friendly bunch of people to boot.

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