One Shots

The Modern Magic series follows different women, but shares a modern setting where magic exists... but secretly and only in the hands of a privileged few. Stories below are in order of release.

Wanna Bet

Leah was really looking forward to hanging out with her friend, but an accident on the way makes those plans impossible. While she's getting a cup of tea she meets a woman named River who is fascinated by gambling. Then she makes a bet for a date with a special deck of cards...

But just what does River have in store? There's a lot more up her sleeve than a deck of cards in this tale of lesbian erotica, magic, and dark themes.

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Gift of the Sorceress

It's December, and that means that Yule is quickly approaching for Allison, a woman who makes a living as an independent artist. Everything is going pretty well for Allison, except that while she has a crush on the cute woman who works at her favorite occult shop, there's no way that Simone would ever notice her...

When that's exactly what happens, Simone shocks Allison by revealing not some hidden feelings of love or lust... but that she's a sorceress who practices real magic, not modern neo-pagan rituals! Allison is skeptical, but if anyone is worth the risk... it's Simone. Just what other secrets lurk in Simone's past? If she is a sorceress, living under the radar, just who, or what is she hoping won't notice her?

A tale of dark themes, new romance, set during the Holidays... but good year 'round.

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Lydia Waite has something she loves most of all: finding cute, shy girls with glasses and summoning lust spirits to possess them. When an opportunity comes for the cunning, hedonistic sorceress to one-up her mother and conquer one of her old flames, she can't pass up the chance... but is this old flame more than she seems?

A tale of seduction, age-gap lust, sex magic, and twisted botany.

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