One Shots

The Mind Punk series explores mind control in a cyberpunk future where women struggle to retain autonomy in a world owned by powerful Mega Corps such as Kensington Multinational.


Honeypot Regression

Honeypot: Regression

Carol Parks lives in a dystopian time where corporations own everything--including the city she lives in. When she gets a tip about a security vulnerability in one of the big corps' databases from a trusted source, there's no way that she can resist diving in... but is it too good to be true? Is her source setting her up for a fall?

What is Kensington Multinational up to, and can Carol find out before she's caught up in it too?

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Honeypot Interming

Honeypot: Interning

Carol Parks has been given an opportunity unlike any other in her life: to be an intern for Kensington Multinational. She even gets to spend time with Rochelle Kensington herself, and get the latest Kensington branded hardware installed right in her brain.

It's hard for Carol to understand why people like her parents wouldn't want to be a part of something greater than themselves, and that would be true even if she wasn't in love with Rochelle...

A followup to Honeypot: Regression, this tale delves much deeper into Project Internment.

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Honeypot Rebranding

Honeypot: Rebranding

Carol has been hard at work, age regressed under the careful watchful eye of Rochelle Kensington's Project Internment. She's gone from a deviant hacker to an eager lover of the corp that took her down...

But what does Rochelle have in store for her? What is the ultimate goal of Project Internment? What will happen now to Carol that she's become the eager and willing slave of Rochelle?

Find out more in this tale of cyberpunk fetish erotica.

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Honeypot Rebranding

Honeypot: Compiled

Three stories of hot, twisted, cyberpunk fetish erotica compiled together for your enjoyment! Get the entire Honeypot story in one package, and watch Carol succumb to her inevitable fate without even needing to open another book!

Check out these stories for psychological manipulation, technological mind control, age regression, memory alteration, and of course, steamy lesbian erotica.

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