The Complete Adventures of Silver Girl

Below are links to the seven major arcs of Sarah "Silver Girl" LaSilvas's adventures in mind control. Some are a single multiple chapter story that were originally released in chunks on a weekly basis. Others also have lead-ins to expand the universe and allow the story to develop from additional viewpoints beyod Silver Girl's as a majority of the novel length works are in first person from her perspective.

Each page contains navigation buttons at the bottom to take you to the next, or previous arc so you don't need to abuse your back button if that isn't your style. I hope that you enjoy.

The Adventures of Silver Girl

The Adventures of Silver Girl - One Story, 86,608 words

Silver Eclipse

Silver Eclipse - One Story, 81,380 words

The Memory Remains

The Memory Remains - One Story, 66,687 words

The Argentum Project - 5 Lead Ins, One Novel, 153,694 words total

Ink Soaked Penumbra

Ink Soaked Penumbra - 7 Lead Ins, One Novel, 127,776 words total

To Serve And Obey

To Serve And Obey - 3 Lead Ins, One Novel, 77,240 words total

Red Moon Rising - One novel and one follow up, 104,193 words total.

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