Marianna's Conquests


Lacy discovers that her breasts have hypnotic powers over other women. These stories are her sexual adventures as she decides how to use this gift.

The Fourth

Busted (How I Ended Up Discovering I have Hypnotic Breasts)

Lacy isn't usually the kind of girl that goes to parties, but when her friend Rachel invites her she decides to go. Unfortunately for her she's not good at knowing when to stop drinking. Lacy doesn't like people staring at her breasts, but a moment of drunken confusion will lead to her discovering that her breasts make her more than just well endowed...

A story with giggles, and heat, Lacy will have to think on her toes to figure out just how to use her newfound powers responsibly, and she is far too drunk for that.

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Busted 2 (How I Ended Up Handling My New Girlfriends)

Lacy had a wild night last night, only she doesn't remember it. She wakes up, thankfully lacking a hangover, sitting on a toilet in a strange house. She would just sneak away, but she's too nice of a person to do that... but are Isabel and Rachel unhappy that she used her hypnotic breasts to control them, or are things about to get so much better than Lacy could have ever dreamed?

A story of multiple partner erotica, a young woman discovering her desires, and dripping lesbian lust.

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Busted 3 (How I Learned that Some Women Want to be Mind Controlled By My Hypnotic Breasts)

Lacy's life has changed a lot since she learned that she has hypnotic breasts. She has two very sexy girlfriends, but that's not the only thing in her life. She's also a college student who needs some new clothes!

What will happen when Lacy goes to try on new clothes, and remains just as oblivious? What new women will enter her life?

A carefree story of hypnotic entrancement and lesbian lust.

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