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Trance in Transit

These stories may not be interconnected, but they all feature women losing their minds and falling under hypnotic control in planes, trains, or another form of transportation...



Holly wakes up on a train full of other professionally dressed women. She doesn't remember how she got there. She doesn't know where the train is going. She quickly discovers that she's been chosen to be trained to be someone's slave, and it may already be too late for her to even try to resist...

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Kei is in every way just another woman living in japan. She takes the bus to work, and sometimes she gets a special call that tells her she gets to ride on a special bus. The protocol for riding it isn't all that special.

She just has to cater to another woman's desires as her riding companion. That's just polite.

A story of casual dominance, control, and lesbian heat featuring a Japanese protagonist.

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The Day After

Obedience at 35,000 Feet

Adriene is taking flight for her work. Employee training. Nothing special. It's been stressful getting to the plane on time, but now, she's ready to take a rest... but she's utterly unprepared when the flight attendant says two special words to her.

A story of erotic control unfolds as Adriene learns just what the flight attendant has in mind for her, as she learns to obey at 35,000 feet...

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