Marianna's Conquests

Mariana's Conquests

Marianna is a character with strong desires, who does not restrain herself from taking what she wants.

The Fourth

The Fourth

The Fourth of July is very special to Jess, and has been for as long as she can remember. Every year she looks forward to laying back and watching the fireworks display. Every year, for weeks, it's all that she can think about. This Fourth of July, the special event won't be the fireworks, but the redheaded woman who won't leave her alone, and is so much more than she seems.

Originally published in 2007, this version of The Fourth has been edited and revised, and is nearly four times as long. The definitive version, if you enjoyed the original, or never read it before, this is your chance to get a look at the revival of a series that hasn't been touched for over 11 years, but is remembered for being raw, twisted, and wrong.

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The Day After

The Day After

Black Friday has been a very important day for Nancy for a long time. She waits the whole year for the sales that only come about on that one day... and that day is tomorrow.

What she doesn't know is that her life is going to change forever when she wants a skirt that is in the hands of a redhead with black painted lips. This woman isn't about to give up her prize... and she may be taking home more than just savings.

A dark tale of raw, twisted, erotic lesbian mind control in a very public place.

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