One Shots

A young woman gets her hands on a smart phone application that allows her to warp reality. This often includes other, older women.


A woman decides to take the long way home from work to try getting in shape and suddenly her clothes are changing, and blue words are downloading into her head, making her want things she never would have wanted before!

It couldn't be the innocent looking woman dressed as a school girl, playing with her phone, could it?

A story of technological control, lesbian lust, and new beginnings.

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On a nice sunny day, Tracy stops by a coffee shop where she meets a fascinatingly beautiful barista. She's far too shy to try asking her out on a date, or to see if she's interested, but with the help of her cell phone, she's going to have some fun making the woman serving her drink into her own personal stripper.

A story of reality control, lesbian lust, technological mind control, and one young woman pursuing her fantasies.

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Miss Murray, a high school history teacher, enjoys her life. She enjoys history, and loves teaching it. Her students are also pretty great, even if one of her students Tracy has started acting... different since she turned 18. She always had an obvious crush, but it's become more blatant. More frequent.

When someone shows up to check in on Tracy, Miss Murray will learn just what's been happening to her, with Tracy, and how deeply helpless she already is to what's unfolding...

A tale of wish fulfillment, reality control, technological erotic mind control, straight-to-queer, and lesbian lust.

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