Romancing Roses

Each tale of love, lust, and floral mind control is weaved around a woman named Rose who is ever focused on spreading love. Indulge yourself in a read! While the order listed is both chronological and recommended, they are not as tightly twined as many other stories and may be read out of release order

Rose Petals

Desiree has been acting odd for awhile. Ever since she went to this new group. Faith, her best friend, is very worried. Things have changed, and she doesn't know if she likes it.

Faith is going with Desiree to meet the Rose Petals, and their leader, Rose... but what will that mean for her hidden love of Desiree?

A tale of romance, desire, and longing brought together by a loving touch of control.



Rose Miracles

Diane and Kristina have been together for a very long time. They're devoted to each other, and Diane makes a point of visiting a local florist regularly to find gifts for Kristina. On one such outing on a Valentine's Day, she meets a woman named Rose with the most enchanting blue eyes who offers her a special present... for Diane and Kristina.

What is the mystery of Rose's rose? What does this strange, enchanting woman want with Diane and Kristina?

A story of love, lust, romance, intimacy, and finding love outside of monogamy.



Rose Rejuvenation

Tara's heart was broken by a selfish man who used her and cared more about himself than he ever did about her. When a strange woman gives her a yellow rose, her perspective changes forever as she's given a new strength to find love again...

A tale of a new relationship, overcoming loss, and a woman embracing her sexuality with a little outside help.



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