To Serve and Obey begins the end of Silver Girl's adventures. Once again silver and shining, the argent avenger is hard at work trying to make the world a better place. Her life is still complicated, even if she's got a beautifyl baby girl and a wife she loves so incredibly much. But while To Serve and Obey and its accompanying lead ins do not introduce any new threats, and only minimally introduce new characters, things thought lost forever make their return.

Some of them would be welcome, if they weren't wanting Sarah to retake her more familiar place...

Silver Gray Starlight

mc ff ma cb ex ft (11,844 words) - Silver girl makes a new friend to reunite with an old one

  1. Chasing Chelsea (3,062 words)
  2. Glimse at a new life, Flashback to an Old One (2,290 words)
  3. Sprinkled with Confrontation (6,492 words)

Pink Candy

mc ff ma (4,493 words) - Candy meets a very sweet woman with excellent taste at a bus stop.

Obedience Over Matter

mc ff cb (2,299 words) - Monica makes some new friends after a fateful patrol.

To Serve and Obey

mc ff bd cb ft la ma rb (58,604 words)

Silver Girl is called upon to save Midas City from an all too familiar threat.

  1. Monday Morning (3,199 words)
  2. Tanda and Nostalgia (7,505 words)
  3. Gold Lust and Gray Dust (3,484 words)
  4. Pinkercise (2,343 words)
  5. You Always Spark the Ones You Love (3,385 words)
  6. Sarah's Choice (4,674 words)
  7. Hollowed Minds and a Lesson in Micro Management (3,162 words)
  8. Lingering Words and a Shining Oath (1,629 words)
  9. The Way Life Turns Out (3,526 words)
  10. Piercing the Thin Blue Line (6,374 words)
  11. Ninjas and Nipples (6,251 words)
  12. Consensuality and Consequences (4,447 words)
  13. Shades of Green (3,326 words)
  14. Ink Free (3,123 words)
  15. Monday Night, Tuesday Morning (2,176 words)


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