Silver Girl has defeated The Lady once and for all and saved Midas City from a plot to corrupt its badged supers program from the inside. But there is no chance for respite for our heroine as a visitor at her door comes to her with a dire warning of a new danger more seductive than all she has faced before combined.

In the last story that has Silver Girl as the protaganist, she faces a threat that was only hinted at in The Adventures of Silver Girl. Faces from her past return, and the lore of her origins unravels as she struggles to learn her new power in time to save everyone she holds dear.

There are no lead ins to Red Moon Rising, only the novel itself, followed by a brief follow up that hints at things to come.

Red Moon Rising

mc ff bd cb ex ft in la ma rb (88,720 words)

Silver Girl's new ability makes her a target for a very ancient and dangerous evil.

  1. Mother and Mirror (3949 words)
  2. Silver Symmetry (5336 words)
  3. Silver Current and Ink Soaked Memories (6064 words)
  4. Old Illusions and New Chains (4509 words)
  5. Witchy Secrets and Frosted Gold (3362 words)
  6. Locked up and Filled up (5158 words)
  7. Oil and Entitlement (3305 words)
  8. Clinging to the Wagon (3937 words)
  9. A Taste of Red (2972 words)
  10. Homecoming (4421 words)
  11. Shimmering Self-Help (2793 words)
  12. Misted Upgrade (4589 words)
  13. Sparks, Mist, and The Nesatealia (4049 words)
  14. Dripping Shadows and Quivering Light (5044 words)
  15. Rubescens (5617 words)
  16. The Sound of Obedience (4840 words)
  17. The Past and a Key to the Future (6114 words)
  18. Final Preparations (3213 words)
  19. Crimson Conclusion (7508 words)
  20. Epilogue (1940 words)

Scribe and Shadow

mc ff cb (15,473 words) - Patina and Silhouette hunt down a persistent villainess whose schemes have deeply affected them both.

  1. Past the Horizon (5,472 words)
  2. Looking Deeper and Going Farther (4,188 words)
  3. Ink Soaked Sunset (5,345 words)
  4. Epilogue (468 words)


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