Ink Soaked Penumbra continues shortly after The Argentum Project. Patina was successful in stopping The Domina Argenti from using her Argentum Array for evil purposes. She made new friends. Perhaps the most impressive act of heroism in her career was performed without any super powers at all... but greater challenges lie ahead for the tarnished antihero as she struggles to hold onto her identity and those closest to her as a new threat looms on the horizon...

Poetic License

mc ff ma cb ex ft (11,058 words) - Lucia and Olivia encounter a woman with a special gift for poetry.

Ballpoint to the Brain

mc ff cb (7,037 words) - Patina and Aureus deal with the complexities of life and another cunning villainess

Blotted Lace

mc ff cb ft la (5,794 words) - Alyssa gets more than just her hands dirty amidst a new investigation.

Ink Blots

mc ff cb ma (6,583 words) - Mystic is called upon to resture Aureus like she has in the past, but this time will prove considerably stickier.

Sealed With a Kiss

mc ff (5,512 words) - While sulking over Lida's absence Susan receives a mysterious letter.

Ink Bot

mc ff cb rb (7,810 words) - Mystic aids Valerie's recovery from The Argentum Project with some new unorthodox counseling methods.


mc ff (9,176 words) - A woman's life is changed forever when she goes to her favorite author's book signing.

Ink Soaked Penumbra

mc ff bd cb ft la ma rb (74,806 words)

A quest for revenge an djustice pulls a tarnished heroine into a web of identity, conspiracy, and conquest.

  1. Looking Back, Driving Forward (2,739 words)
  2. Kindreds and Family Ties (9,057 words)
  3. Silver Corona (3,171 words)
  4. The Other Shoe (4,540 words)
  5. Shadow of Hope, Light of Desire (4,619 words)
  6. Blossoming Silver and Ink Soaked Secrets (3,848 words)
  7. From American to Asiago (5,440 words)
  8. Self Reunion (5,463 words)
  9. Deduction and a Stimulatingly Silver Sortie (9,181 words)
  10. Stars Aligning and other Ink Soaked Secrets (4,273 words)
  11. The Visitor (2,204 words)
  12. Ink Soaked Clouds with Silver Linings (7,366 words)
  13. White Hot Contemplation and a Cryptic Confrontation (5,005 words)
  14. Ink Driven Character Development and a Shining Climax (5,708 words)
  15. Silver Dawn (2,192 words)


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