The Argentum Project, or TAP begins a dramatic change in the Silver Girl formula. Here is where the first lead-ins begin, showing both some of Sarah's adventures as she proves her mettle as Patina before The Argentum Project propper. In addition, we get to look back on some other characters to see the affect that Sarah's adventures have had on the world around her.

Wherever I May Roam

mc ff cb (14,702 words) - Going from city to city, one woman tries to make things a little beter with a little mind control.

  1. Another Day, Another City (4,117 words)
  2. Hunting Oscura (5,775 words)
  3. Lesson Learned (4,830 words)

Dust High

mc ff (15,677 words) - Stacy is shown the delights of having a dirty mind and how to share that with others.

  1. Ominous Feelings, and Dirty Girls (5,037 words)
  2. Dusty Girls (5,173 words)
  3. Dust Devil (5,467 words)

Misted Facets

mc ff rb cb (13,259 words) - Doctor Raine's life is changed when another mysterious patient is admitted to her hospital.

  1. Mystery and Mist (4,091 words)
  2. Trepidation and Temptation (4,138 words)
  3. Proposals and Personas (5,030 words)

Nocturnal Interlude

mc ff cb (4,802 words) - A thief has a life changing encounter in an alleyway of Midas City.


mc ff cb (4,548 words) - Patina stumbles upon a woman in trouble, and helps two with a little light and a ruby red kiss.


The Argentum Project

mc ff bd rb cb sf ft ma hm gr la (100,706 words)

A quest for revenge and justice pulls a tarnished heroine into a web of identity, conspiracy, and conquest.

  1. Bound Ambition (5,212 words)
  2. Hot Tub, Hot Fun (6,103 words)
  3. Silence is Golden, Submission is Silver (8,214 words)
  4. See No Evil (6,319 words)
  5. Familiar settings and White panties (6,208 words)
  6. The line between Justice and Revenge (5,361 words)
  7. Familiar Places with Familiar Faces (6,710 words)
  8. Friends (5,720 words)
  9. Identity Crisis (9,694 words)
  10. Te Nosce (5,600 words)
  11. A Team Prepared (5,392 words)
  12. One Way Ticket to Lust (5,316 words)
  13. Arrival (4,564 words)
  14. Explanations (6,056 words)
  15. Tinted Mirror Match (4,769 words)
  16. Melting Wax (4,818 words)
  17. Aftermath (4,650 words)


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