After the events of Silver Eclipse, Sarah was left powerless and with a nickname that she once held so dear no longer feeling applicable. Reverting to Sarah LaSilvas, she must continue to live her life and move forward, but through everything, the memory remains of brighter times.

This story continues the trend of adding more emotions to the stories of Silver Girl, while still retaining plenty of erotic elements.

The Memory Remains

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Sarah LaSilvas's life grows all the more complicated as she wrestles with tangled memories.

  1. Emptier Times (2,175 words)
  2. Another Day, Another Shower (2,693 words)
  3. Unabridged Reality (6,625 words)
  4. Old friends with a new trick (5,616 words)
  5. Tender Loving Care (4,295 words)
  6. Choosing a Path (3,190 words)
  7. Tough Decisions (2,743 words)
  8. Neglected Memories (3,367 words)
  9. Forgotten Affliction (2,721 words)
  10. Dreams and Revelations (2,199 words)
  11. Through the Drinking Glass (6,701 words)
  12. A Mother's Touch (4,939 words)
  13. Pink Panties and Silver Nipples (5,448 words)
  14. Gifts for Midas (5,008 words)
  15. Delivery and The Heroine's New Clothes (4,728 words)
  16. One Last Night on the Edge of Temptation (2,610 words)
  17. Goodbye Sarah LaSilvas, Hello Lucia Colloten (1,629 words)


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