Below are all 17 chapters of Silver Eclipse: The Continuing Adventures of Silver. This story is much darker than the original Adventures, and goes into more serious territory. It also is remembered for more direct, intense sexual heat. While a shorter story, Silver Eclipse explores far more fetishes and themes, introducing more characters and throwing Sarah into the deep end so soon after her recovery from The Adventures of Silver Girl.

Silver Eclipse

mc ff cb ft la ma rb (81,380 words)

Silver's life continues as she learnes more about her powers and her self, and in so doing attracts some very unwanted attention.

  1. Reimmersion (1,542 words)
  2. Touch and Go (3,741 words)
  3. Porn Star Heat (5,491 words)
  4. New Friends and Cremy Pink Brains (3,242 words)
  5. Doubtless Shower and a Wardrobe Adjustment (2,239 words)
  6. Mental Love Bites (4,660 words)
  7. Reflections of Silver (11,294 words)
  8. Recouperation (2,639 words)
  9. Reunion (2,508 words)
  10. Examination and Auction (6,104 words)
  11. Electronic Toy (9,509 words)
  12. Misfire (2,351 words)
  13. New Fetish Day (1,869 words)
  14. A Lifetime of Love in Fifteen Minutes (1,943 words)
  15. Slick Dusted Reality (10,054 words)
  16. Oiled Locks and Unheard Cries (8,083 words)
  17. Silver's Eclipse (4,111 words)


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