The Adventures of Silver Girl

Listed below are all of the 17 chapters of The Adventures of Silver Girl. This story marks the introduction of many important elements that would become standard in later Silver Girl stories, and was the first story I posted to the archive.

Eventually, this page may contain links to additional information such as character bios, behind the scenes information, and other such detail. For now, it merely contains her adventures.

The Adventures of Silver Girl

mc ff cb (86,608 Words)

A young super heroine named Silver Girl has her life turned upside down when she recieves an invitation from a mysterious woman.

  1. Enter Silver Girl (1,485 words)
  2. The Invitation (5,281 words)
  3. Pink Lollipops, Silver Sparks (7,687 words)
  4. Cotton Pink Check Up (5,768 words)
  5. Evolutions and Confirmations (8,163 words)
  6. A Dusty Interlude (3,628 words)
  7. Dusty Grey Lips (11,810 words)
  8. Dusty Pillow, Pink Shower (3,453 words)
  9. Tasty Silver Kitty (10,722 words)
  10. What passes for Normal (6,124 words)
  11. Toys, Bunnies, Threats (2,467 words)
  12. Broken Shaker, Broken Mind (2,992 words)
  13. The Benefits of Being Owned (4,059 words)
  14. Dusted Bellhops and Feather Dusters (4,059 words)
  15. Dusty Fingers, Sledgehammer Sounds (2,634 words)
  16. The Fun Room (2,734 words)
  17. A Different Kind Of Happily Ever After (3542 words)

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