One Shots

Created as a new jumping on point, while these stories benefit from having read the Complete Adventures of Silver Girl there is no need to do so. Stories are listed from top to bottom in a suggested reading order.

In A Flash

mc ff cb (8,149 words) - A young heroine of Midas City patrols the night, while trying to avoid worsening her reputation.

In A Hot Second

mc ff cb (9,417 words) - The noble young heroine Virtue does everything she can to make the world a better place, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

In A Heartbeat

mc ff (11,984 words) - Emily is looking forward to spending time with the woman who means everything to her--Chastity Allen.

In A Bind

mc ff bd cb (16,156 words) - Midnightress  pursues a vendetta against the corporation that took so much from her, but this time she may be in over her head.

In A Hot Minute

mc ff cb (14,329 words) -Virtue attempts to resist the cleansing flames that are burning away at her mind, but the fever they've ignited may be more she can handle...

In Another Life

mc ff cb ds ex ma (21,064 words)

The Domina's life catches up with Silver Girl in ways she never imagined...

  1. Glimpses From Someone Else's Past (5,193 words)
  2. Solace With a Shadow (3,012 words)
  3. Professional Courtesy (6,449 words)
  4. Umbral Reintroduction (6,410 words)
  5. Sparks and Shadows . . .Coming Soon! Now on my Patreon!
  6. Coming Soon!
  7. Coming Soon!
  8. Coming Soon!
  9. Coming Soon!
  10. Coming Soon!
  11. Coming Soon!
  12. Coming Soon!
  13. Coming Soon!
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  15. Coming Soon!
  16. Coming Soon!
  17. Coming Soon!
  18. Coming Soon!
  19. Coming Soon!
  20. Coming Soon!
  21. Coming Soon!

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