One Shots

After the Adventures of Silver Girl, Electrum, and Nebula were told, there were still many stories that were never told. This is the section for stories that happen after, or amidst. As a warning: some of f these stories spoil something amidst the Midas City stories, and should not be read until one is done reading the other stories but this will be clearly indicated. Stories are posted in the order of their original posting, but may not necessarily be in any particular order.

Midas Touched mc ff cb (3,826 words) - Stage magician and occasional heroine Maya Midas is convinced to perform for another's Agenda.

Accunidis mc ff cb (2,813 words) - Nightshade receives a tip much sharper than she realizes.

River City Stories, Volume 2: Particles and Waves mc ff cb (4,617 words) - My entry in an anthology about the many and varied heroes of Omega Girl'shometown.

Proximiti Alarmed mc ff bd cb (2,871 words) - The discovery of Deck Mistress's arrest reaches her supplier.

Murmured Origins mc ff (2,223 words) - A woman waits for prey at her favorite club.

Ink Filled Silhouette mc ff cb (10,148 words) - Aniela has a different route to recovery than her silver skinned companion.

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